Temporary  Closure

Strive Occupational Therapy is currently closed while our principal occupational therapist is on maternity leave.


Our Services

Boy Coloring

Occupational Therapy

Strive Occupational Therapy  
provides assessment and intervention to help children to strive in their day-to-day life. At Strive Occupational Therapy we specialise in supporting children and their families with physical / neurological and chromosomal conditions. Treatment goals for occupational therapy can include:
-participation in daily routines and everyday activities
-development of play and social skills
-toileting and self care goals
-visual perceptual and visual motor skills
-fine and gross motor development
-school readiness and school skills
-attention and concentration
-emotional regulation
-early intervention

Aquatic Therapy 

Strive Occupational Therapy provides water-based therapy to support children to achieve their goals in a fun and challenging environment. Treatment goals for aquatic therapy can include:

-development of movement and gross motor skills

-management of sensory needs

-support with behaviour management 

-development of social and play skills


-development of swimming and water safety skills.

Availability Tuesdays at Noarlunga Leisure Centre

Contact for availability

Swimming Lessons
Toddler with Toys

Advanced Interventions

At Strive Occupational Therapy we have the experience to provide targeted services for children with hemiplegia. These services include:

-modified constraint induced movement therapy (mCIMT)

-bi-manual therapy

-goal directed upper limb therapy


-post Botox therapy support.