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Occupational Therapy

Strive Occupational Therapy  
provides assessment and intervention to help children to strive in their day-to-day life. At Strive Occupational Therapy we specialise in supporting children and their families with physical / neurological and chromosomal conditions. Treatment goals for occupational therapy can include:
-participation in daily routines and everyday activities
-development of play and social skills
-toileting and self care goals
-visual perceptual and visual motor skills
-fine and gross motor development
-school readiness and school skills
-attention and concentration
-emotional regulation
-early intervention

Advanced Interventions

At Strive Occupational Therapy we have the experience to provide targeted services for children with hemiplegia. These services include:

-modified constraint induced movement therapy (mCIMT)

-bi-manual therapy

-goal directed upper limb therapy


-post Botox therapy support.

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